After volunteering for Big Sounds In Motion for 18 years, 13 of them as Chairman, and starting up and chairing The Downingtown Classic from 2012-2016, I will be retiring from the Reading Buccaneers. I’ve met so many wonderful people over the years who attended the shows; the administrators and members of other corps who became good friends; former DCA President Gil Silva and current DCA President Allen Buell; and have had many dedicated volunteers, 90% of them the same ones year after year. The shows couldn’t have been the success they were without these volunteers, especially Administrators Dan Wildonger, Angelo Bufalino, and Ed Otto; former corps members; the Reading Buccaneer Alumni; my mentor, Randy Kerschner, who taught me the ropes, and his wife, Colleen, who we all miss dearly (and Colleen, to answer the question you asked after every Big Sounds, Yes, we’re still friends!!); and especially my family who bought into my passion for this drum corps, who helped me affix address labels and stamps on 1,000 postcards for each show, put up with the Snooks never being at summer holiday family picnics, and saved the date of Big Sounds every year to work for me: my 82 year old mother (who looks 62!), who loved selling tickets at every show for 18 years; my brother, Bob DeLong, Vehicular Transfer Engineer, who handled the craziness of parking cars, then took over another position when the lots were full; my brother, Keith DeLong, who handled corps bus and truck parking and anything else he saw that needed to be done without being asked; my sister-in-law, Verna DeLong, who sold raffle tickets or was an usher, always with a smile on her face; my favorite younger daughter, Perri, who jumped at the chance to be souvenir manager for the corps this year after marching with the awesome Reading Buccaneers Color Guard for five years; my favorite older daughter, Liz, my go-to person—if anything needed to be done, I just had to say the word, and she’d be on it. But the biggest thanks go to Bill Snook, who listened to me stress each year over the weather, offered advice when asked, designed and maintained the websites and programs for each show, helped hand number reserved seats at the stadium in blazing sun or rain, was always there the day after the show for the glory job of helping pick up any trash from the night before, and so much more. Bill and I met marching with Bucs in 1984 and will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in November. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in marriage or in our time with the Buccaneers.

Amy L. Snook